The ADR Team.

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

We would say that below is a list of the key people that make up ADR. And, in a literal sense, it is. But when you consider that we’re in the “people” business, the list of ADR’s key people grows much longer to include every single member of our team. We are a group of highly talented, dedicated people who love to help our clients and consultants connect and succeed.

Daksha Choksey – President & Principal

Adil Choksey – CEO & Principal

John Winstead – CEO & Chief Customer Officer

Dusty Rhodes – VP – Corporate Strategy & Sales

Rakesh Rao – VP – Operations

Randy Hitchcock – VP – Global Resource Management

Gretchen Sink – Sr. Manager – Strategic Accounts

Alexis Ciesla – Sr. Account Manager – Strategic Accounts


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